What Makes Kalmiopsis a Little Different?

Read below for seven ways KCA’s a unique addition to Three Rivers School District (TRSD):

(1) Intensives: The academic calendar includes three two-week intensives as well as two semesters. Students choose one field-based, project-based, or arts-based class for a two-week immersion;

(2) Performing, fine, and literary arts: In contrast to the predominance of competitive sports at other schools, KCA prioritizes the arts: arts-based integration into all classes (including P.E.), arts-focused extracurriculars, and arts-based collaborations with community artists and nonprofits;

(3) Teacher-run: KCA will be the first teacher-run TRSD school, as nonhierarchical Teacher Leaders share administrative duties;

(4) Restorative Justice: student discipline follows a Restorative Justice model, which nearly eliminates detentions, suspensions and expulsions;

(5) Youth decision-making power: KCA’s school board designates 1-2 seats for students, a first for TRSD;

(6) Narratives over numbers: On report cards, GPAs are de-emphasized, and detailed written and oral feedback emphasized;

(7) Place-based learning: KCA will localize curriculum, conduct field-based studies, collaborate with local fine/literary/performing artists, hike and backpack in our wild places, and incorporate place-based learning into every Intensive and most semester-length classes.

New Beginnings by Kaya Whittlinger, youth artist