The Path from Proposal to Permission

A brief timeline of KCA’s early days:

  • December 2021: KCA’s charter proposal is submitted to Three Rivers School District (Step 1)
  • February 2022: The school board approves the Completeness Check (Step 2)
  • April 2022: KCA Teacher Leaders present and the community shows support at the Public Hearing (Step 3)
  • May 2022: The school board denies the proposal, specifying required revisions
  • Summer 2022: The proposal is substantially revised
  • August 2022: The proposal is resubmitted
  • September 2022: The school board approves the proposal for KCA to open in August 2023. KCA moves into contract negotiations with the district. (Step 4!)

Below is the live feed from the April 6, 2022 public hearing session: