Proposal and Public Hearing

Below you can find the proposal, a PDF of our presentation prepared for the public hearing on April 6, and also a video of the April 6 hearing. Scroll down to learn more!

The Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School Charter Proposal was submitted to Three Rivers School District on December 10, 2021. [49 pages of narrative + 122 pages of attachments = 171 total pages.] KCA’s proposal was reviewed by 22 community parents, educators, and community leaders.

If you’re curious to know the details, download the proposal below. Please note: this proposal will be reviewed by the school board and revisions are likely before the board votes whether to accept a charter agreement with KCA.

Additionally, KCA Teacher Leaders drafted two amendments to the proposal, which clarify and expand upon concepts elucidated in the proposal:

If you attended the public hearing and wanted more time to explore the slides presented, you can view the PDF below. We do welcome comments and questions. Thank you.

Below is the live feed from the April 6 public hearing session. And note that the sound is not very good during our presentation/powerpoint, but if you skip to the first public comment (around 27:40) then the sound is pretty good for the remainder.