Thanks for coming out!

Well that was fun! Opening night of the Cave Junction Farmers’ Market was a blast (were there 2 or 3 times as many vendors as we’ve been used to? Wow!)

At our KCA table, we chatted with many of you, talking about what a new charter high school for the Illinois Valley might look like. We even signed up 4 more people for our committees!  But would you believe we still have a committee or two with no one signed up?  The good news is we’ll be back at the Farmer’s Market this very coming Friday, and just about all Fridays this summer.

If you missed us, we were in the pavilion–did you venture that way?  There was much to check out there. We think we’re going to have a different spot this time–closer to the music. Feel free to ask around if you can’t find us–we’re sure someone can point you in the right direction.

This past Friday night, we also made a little money from anyone who purchased a Slugdala card (yes, banana slug mandalas!). 100% of the profit from sales is going to KCA. So if you didn’t get your Slugdala card last week, you’ll have another opportunity this coming Friday. And if you haven’t seen banana slug mandalas–scroll down.

See you next Friday!




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