February 2023 KCA Community Newsletter

Visit the complete newsletter HERE or read the preview below…

Next year’s intensives are shaping up!

Intensives are the heart and soul of KCA, the place where the Community and Arts of Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School really shine. Each year has three intensives, when students dive into one class all day for two weeks (intensive = intense!). 

What’s in store for next year?

Summer I Intensive (August 28 – September 7).
Students will choose from…

Sculpture with professional sculptor Terry Davis
Painting with … (a local artist who is *this* close to confirming!)
Playwriting, directing, and performing the 11th Illinois Valley Whirlwind Play Festival

Winter Intensive (January 16 – January 25).
We have some ideas, but nothing’s confirmed yet. What do you think?

Summer II Intensive (May 28 – June 6).
Wilderness skills training and a backpacking/camping trip for the entire school, led by Earth Scouts!

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