BiWeekly Newsletter #7!

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Fun and Miscellany
“Pi Day in July”

With so much serious stuff to do until opening day (board meetings! public hearings!), we don’t want to lose sight of what’s really important: the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

So we present…

Pi Day! In July!

Imagine this…

– a “Pi K,” where people run for 3.14159 kilometers all around Cave Junction while carrying a pie
– an after party at Jubilee Park with live music, perhaps even a “Pi-themed” rock song
– a “Square Root Beer” tent for drinks to cool us down
– a “Pi Recitation Contest” to see who can memorize the most digits of Pi!
– maybe an “Irrational Speech” and/or “Irrational Slam Poetry” contest?
– maybe a pie baking and/or pie eating contest?

To sum it up,
Save the date!

Sunday 7/17: Two prime numbers adding up to one very special Pi Day in July.

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