BiWeekly Newsletter #8!

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Three Rivers School District Updates

We Are Waiting, Waiting…

8 years since this idea began.
4 years since we asked the community if they supported a charter high school in the Illinois Valley.
2 years since the five Teacher Leaders began co-creating a proposal for KCA.
4 1/2 months since we submitted the proposal to the Three Rivers School District (TRSD) school board.
3 months since the school board determined that our proposal was complete.
1 month since the Kalmiopsis Community Arts High School public hearing.
 7 days until the school board decides whether to accept the proposal. If yes, we plan to open this August! If no, we will have 30 days to submit a revised proposal, and try again.
1 second since we last crossed our fingers that they will say yes. We are so ready to begin.

TRSD Board Meeting
(the decisive one!!)
May 18 @6pm

District Office
8550 New Hope Rd, Grants Pass

The TRSD school board meeting 2021-2022 calendar is HERE.

Read the rest of the newsletter HERE!

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