BiWeekly Newsletter #9!

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Three Rivers School District Updates
One Step Back

New Beginnings by Kaya Whittlinger

Three Rivers School Board voted May 18 to deny our application, based on the recommendation of a consultant hired by the Oregon School Boards Association.

The consultant was satisfied with our curriculum, philosophy, student discipline plan, academic calendar, bell schedule, seat hours, and more. Their concerns were primarily financial.

This means that KCA cannot open the 2022-2023 school year.

We were informed on May 11 and had some time to process our emotions before the school board meeting. Melissa and Kaci spoke during the public comment period to ensure the board knows that we respect the process and their decision, yet we disputed some of the findings. You can read our public comment HERE.

Is that the end?

No, nope, not at all, no way!

The next step is to resubmit. We won’t need to resubmit the entire proposal, only the sections that either “failed” or “nearly met” the requirements. The consultant’s evaluation is HERE.

After re-submitting this midsummer, the school board will have 30 days to cast another vote. If they deny us again, we can appeal to the State Board of Education. The flowchart from start-to-finish is HERE.

We are disappointed, to be sure, especially for students who were ready to enroll this August. But we have to look for the silver lining in postponing opening day to August 2023:

– We will have more time to prepare KCA’s location. 

– We can consider allowing grades 9, 10, and 11 in the first year, as we will be more-than-prepared to handle three grades in year 1.

– There will be more time to revise the budget, procure grants, further develop curriculum, refine safety management systems, strengthen our 504/IEP plans, receive Intent to Enroll submissions, solidify more collaborations with community organizations, and overall prove that KCA is supported by our community and ready to open in 2023.

KCA Student News
One Step Forward

Untitled by Airabella Ferdon

The Opening Party for The Kalmiopsis Collection was purely awesome! Eight young artists’ work is on display through July 5, 2022 at The Guild Gallery & Art Center (24353 Redwood Highway in Kerby).

All the artwork in this newsletter was made by The Kalmiopsis Collection artists.

This was our first collaboration with The Southern Oregon Guild of Artists and Artisans, and it was so fun that we want to do it again! Read more details about The Kalmiopsis Collection HERE.

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